TEMPLET ASSOCIATION = SPIRITUAL TEMPLETemplet Association , organize individual meetings or group meetings, to teach secret techniques of Kriya Yoga.

About us


Kriya Yoga – For spiritual evolution of every human being.

Cosmic Astrology – individualize and unblock karmic knots situated in chakras.



“TEMPLET” Association is an institution aiming to:

– Serve humanity in every way and using all possible resources,

– Struggle for human release of the three capital sufferings: physical disease, mental disharmony and spiritual ignorance,

– Locate the human being in the forefront, as the supreme value,

– Encourage simple lifestyle, but with pure elevated thought,

– Reveal and promote harmony, brotherhood and unity of all human beings, which have their own unique essence and eternal association, created to eliminate the separation of many religions and organizations,

– Demonstrate the superiority of mind over body

– Overcome evil with good, sorrow by joy, compassion and cruelty through ignorance by wisdom

– Spread spiritual and cultural understanding between West and East (mainly India), through the mutual exchange of values and their distinctive characteristics,

– Organize charitable, humanitarian, philanthropic activities,

– Organize moral and ethical education activities,

– Create and promoting a new lifestyle, which brings hope, love and balance,

– Educate for a pure and healthy lifestyle, on physical and mental level,

– Select human values and put them in the service of mankind,

– Constantly raise the level of individual consciousness,

– Create and promote positive relationships between people, love, tolerance and trust, moral justice, inner peace, and alleviate the suffering of humanity,

– Support education in kindergartens and schools, by introducing practical and positive approaches,

– Protect our planet and the environment.

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